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Niagara Case Study | Exterior

Project: Exterior Environment EuroMedia worked with the Niagara RD and Marketing Teams to review the exterior of this building and present concepts on transforming the existing condition into a brand new look to welcome new & existing customers. Our painting partner patched, prepped and spray painted the walls & pull down door to look like [...]


Niagara Case Study | Interior

Project: Environment As a trusted Niagara Bottling ‘Partner,' EuroMedia was tasked with working with their RD Department along with their Marketing team to review their existing RD area. EuroMedia consulted on ideas, design, materials, and project managed our team of Painters, Electricians, Audio Visual Partners, and Installers. After concepts were agreed upon... We started with [...]


Experian Case Study – II

Project: Office Environmental Signage & Branded Graphics EuroMedia was awarded this project after bid to work closely with the architects and project management team to produce & install all of the interior signage and graphics for all 4 floors of the Experian corporate offices. There were many different types of signs: Over 800 workstation, & [...]

Experian Signage In

Experian Case Study

Sample PDF Proof Project: Experian Exterior Signage EuroMedia were tasked with surveying the existing exterior signage, approx’ 40 signs at the Experian Corporate offices. Making a detailed plan of the location of each sign, and reviewing the existing materials and fastenings. We recommended paint colors to compliment the office building and surroundings. We proposed new [...]


The Irvine Company Case Study

Project: The Irvine Company: Company Timeline The Irvine Company marketing team created art and files for a 75 foot x 10 foot wall space inside one of their major corporate offices. EuroMedia suggested the materials to work within a budget and to create the visual impact. The walls are covered with a printed vinyl and [...]


Thermo Fisher Scientific Case Study

Project: Thermo Fisher Scientific Digital Campaign Created a digital campaign for 3 Thermo Fisher Scientific product lines with the theme - Research Journey, and created a contest to win the Scooter featured throughout the campaign. EuroMedia Produced Animated Digital Display Ads, Static Social Media Ads for each of the 3 Product lines. Concept, Layout, Design, [...]

NUVA Lobby In

NuVasive Case Study

Project: NuVasive Main Entrance Lobby EuroMedia worked with a team of creative designers tasked with creating interior signage both visually impactful and incorporating the company’s products. EuroMedia Produced In the case of the NUVA main lobby sign this was quite literal, in that we took NuVasive tools and parts and adhered them to frames that made [...]